New Children’s Imprint

For Immediate Release

Show n’ot Tell Publishing is proud to announce that it will launch a new imprint called Hide N Seek, dedicated to publishing Children’s Literature.

Hide N Seek will publish in multiple electronic and printed formats, specializing in electronic format illustrated novels. The concentration of the imprint will be on illustrated novels that are both fun and fascinating while offering educational value to it’s target demographic of readers ages 5-12 and their parents.

“As the ebook market expands, it also begins to encapsulating those in much younger demographics than previously focused on,” states Senior Creative Partner, Cassandra Giovanni, who is assisting new author, Carley LaPointe with the launch of the imprint’s first book. She goes on to say, “Children are becoming exposed to technology at a younger and younger age; we want to focus on making that experience both educational and fun through literature.”

The imprints first illustrated novel, Mystic Mayhem (Finding Freckles, #1) is co-authored by Cassandra Giovanni and Carley LaPointe, who also illustrated the novel. The Finding Freckles series follows the adventures of Freckles, a trouble-prone English Setter, as he travels the globe, makes new friends and learns new things. Mystic Mayhem is set to release the week of Thanksgiving, 2014 and will be available on Amazon and in select local bookstores in ebook and print formats.

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